Like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies

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Hi, i'm jared and i'm from singapore. I'm 24 this year. This is where i express myself. Somewhat freely(: Things i love: Sunsets. The vastness of the ocean. Love stories with sad endings. Beautiful moments caught on film. Greys anatomy. Dr House and his attitude. Math. Roses. The human touch and embrace. Cute couples. Controversial ethical dilemmas and conundrums. Being different. Physics. Romance. Tiffany's. James Blunt. Getting high (on coffee). Blue skies and starry nights. Getting to know new people. Love. Hanging out with friends. Being alone. Reading. City lights. Bitter chocolate. Sad love letters. Making people smile. What I feel the world lacks: Love. Good people with big hearts. Pretty people. Attention. People who give a damn about others. People who speak their minds. Porsches and designer clothes/cars. Parties and booze. Weekends and holidays(: My dreams: Kiss on Eiffeltop. Dive in the Maldives. Bungee jump from Verzasca Dam. White water rafting through the Nile. Run wild in Kenya's Safaris. Ride the Californian waves. Party in the USA. Sin in LV. Shop on 5th Ave. Canoe along the streets of Venice. Learn fencing. Drive a Porsche. Own a collection of vintage wines. Live in an apartment alone. Live life to the fullest. Help those in need.
And this is a sanctuary for my sanity and late night epiphanies
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